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Fairfield Residential is a small privately run organisation and as such is quickly adaptable in meeting individual clients' and placing authorities' needs. It was founded in 2003 and is dedicated to providing a range of innovative, sensitive and responsive services for children, young people and adults who experience complex learning difficulties and/or autism spectrum conditions and who may also present with behaviours that challenge in a social setting.


Fairfield aims to achieve dignity, independence and well-being for all the children, young people and adults who use our services. We believe that each individual should be treated with respect and valued as a person.

We promote and encourage individuals to exercise choice regarding their personal affairs and choice of lifestyle.

We promote the enabling and empowering of children, young people, adults and their families and advocates in making decisions. We endeavour to use which ever form of communication is usually used by the individual, including alternative communication methods such as the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), Makaton, Sign Along and use of Objects of Reference.

Our services are truly person centred. Fairfield is committed to working in partnership with other agencies such as schools, employment services, community nurses, psychologists and allied health professionals etc. We recognise that interdisciplinary communication is paramount for the best possible outcomes.

Fairfield's philosophy is to promote integration of our service users into the local community and society as a whole, thus reducing social isolation.

Our equal opportunities and anti-discriminatory policies underpin our beliefs and practice. Ethnic and gender issues are given a high regard, as are the rights of all individuals that require support. There is a clear expectation that all people who work with us will be active in confronting racism and discrimination in whatever form. We are firmly committed to the creation and maintenance of an environment which is pro-actively and positively orientated to different culture, religion and identities.

Management team

Fairfield - The Management Team


Fairfield provides a highly motivated and qualified staff team, both qualified and bringing with them a wealth of experience. As an organisation, Fairfield is committed to a long-term programme of training and development, ranging from NVQ Level 3. Click here for more...


Fairfield has formed strong partnerships with local authorities and we recognise that close working relationships achieve better outcomes for children and adults requiring support. Our preferred option is to offer services on a contracted basis Read More ...

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