Banana Time Creative Writing Course

1st March 2016 1 min read

A young man supported by Fairfield Care through a 1:1 solo supported tenancy has worked toward entering adult education and was encouraged to commence a creative writing course with ongoing staff support. He has worked hard and has gained the remarkable achievement of having some of his work published. He describes his experience as below.....

'Olwyn Dean, my creative writing teacher at Mid-Cheshire College, suggested that our class put together a book of some of the work we had done in the class over the last two years. We were asked to choose what we thought were our best pieces of work and send them to one member of the group who then copied and pasted them into one Microsoft Word document. The work in the document was then organised into a specific order so that everyone's work was spread out evenly throughout the book and then it was spellchecked. The title of the book, Banana Time, was suggested by a member of the class as, at the break in the middle of the lesson, Olwyn would always says "Right. Banana time." because some students bring bananas in to the college to eat for lunch. As the class has now finished we now call ourselves the Winsford Writers and we met every Friday at 12:30 p.m. at the Winsford Conservatives Club.’

If you want to support Dominic by purchasing the book, the IBSN no is 5800078411181.