Partnerships at Fairfield Care

Fairfield has formed strong partnerships with local authorities and we recognise that close working relationships achieve better outcomes for children and adults requiring support.

Our preferred option is to offer services on a contracted basis as this means we can give our purchasers quality and specified outcomes at a negotiated price, fair to all concerned.

We are committed to developing services in locations where there is an identified need, ensuring that children and adults can stay in their local areas and maintain positive links within their communities.

Contracting gives you the opportunity to specify the service to meet the individual users requirements and monitor the service against the standards you have set. You can also plan your budget with confidence knowing that resources are available at a fixed agreed cost.

Fairfield is an independent organisation, where purchasers and people using our services have direct contact with the Registered Provider and Senior Management enabling Fairfield to respond quickly and flexibly to the changing needs of service users and purchasing authorities.

Please contact a member of the Senior Management Team if you would like to talk about opportunities for contracting specific services in your area.

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