Fairfield Management Team

Kellieanne Harrison - Service Manager

Kellieanne has been employed by Fairfield since 2003. Kellieanne started with Fairfield as a support worker whilst studying at Liverpool Hope University and progressed through senior roles, ultimately to management level. Kellieanne now takes dual responsibility for service delivery management.

Kellieanne's experience in the care industry covers both children and adults. During her career, Kellieanne has been involved in all aspects of care and support for individuals with learning difficulties, mental health issues and autism. During Kellieanne's studying year, she gained a wide range of relevant experience in local special schools, working with people with autism and associated learning difficulties.

Kellieanne has achieved a certificate in Psychology from Liverpool University, Level 5 in Leadership and Management of HSC and has studied Autism at Lancaster College. Some other relevant training courses that have been undertaken include: Team-Teach, TEACCH, Safeguarding, Understanding Self-Harm, De-escaltion of Challenging Behaviour, Intensive Interaction, ASDAN Life Skills, Equality and Diversity, Mental Capacity and Best Interests, PECS, Health & Safety, Trainer Moving and Handling, Trainer Risk Assessment, Trainer Dignity in Care and many others. 

Mandy Henshaw

I decided to work with people whom had a disability at a young age, this was mainly due to my home life as my brother had Muscular Dystrophy and my mum had Multiple Schelerosis. Growing up in an environment whereby we had different health professional service’s coming into our home daily, gave me an insight on how having a family member with a disability and finding the right support for them can be and was at times very difficult. We had some positive professional support and some not so positive – due to this I wanted to be in a service whereby I felt I could help to make a positive difference in a person’s life.

I have worked in social care with adults who have Autism and severe learning disability’s since 1994 over the years working my way up through the ranks, commencing my employment with a local authority as a support worker supporting adults with severe learning disabilities and complex needs. I was promoted to Residential Care Worker (RCW) my role was to ensure standards within the home were being met in line with local policy and procedures as well as government inspectors such as Care Quality Commission (CQC).

Four years later I was promoted to Group Leader, as part of a team setting up a new addition to the service that was to consist of housing suitable for adults who have a profound and multiple learning disabilities (PMLD) working with health professionals such as Occupation Therapist and Physiotherapist, and ensuring we recruited a team with the right values to support the people who would reside at the new tenancies.

I was selected to be CQC Registered Manager of the Service and further to this I was promoted to Deputy Manager and Registered Manager. I was acting manager for a large Domiciliary care service and a Respite service for 18 months and took on additional responsibilities at this time.

Diane Dawson - Fairfield Care Registered Manager

Diane has worked in the Health and Social Care industry since 1996. Diane has experience working with both adults and children with Autism, Asperger's Syndrome and Learning Difficulties.

Diane started her career working with the National Autistic Society, whom states that this was the start of a very rewarding career. Diane explains that she would come home and feel like she had accomplished something and this could have been just a minute of interaction with a service user that had previously not been able to cope with this.

Diane has been a registered manager since 2007, with experience of setting up and running specialist services within the Greater Manchester areas. Diane has completed her Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management of Health and Social Care, Safeguarding to level 4 amongst other mandatory courses for the role.

Clinton Graham - Deputy Manager

Clinton started with Fairfield Care in March 2015 as the care co-ordinator for Outreach Support and Supported Living Tenancies. Clinton forms the management team with Diane Dawson.

Clinton has worked in the care sector since 2005, having experience with Learning disabilities, Mental Health, Homelessness, Brain injuries, Elderly and Young People. During Clinton’s career so far, he has experience in supported living services, residential, respite, low, medium and high secure units, rehabilitation units, acute wards and hostels.

Clinton has carried out various training programmes relevant to his role, though currently embarking on the Level 5 Management and Leadership training course.

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