Community supported living services

Community Supported Living Services for children and adults with autism spectrum conditions, complex learning disabilities and who may present with behaviours that challenge in a social setting.


Supported living services are usually located in standard residential housing provided by local authorities, housing associations or mainstream rented housing. Some people may share a property but each individual will have their own tenancy. In some cases, dependant on assessed need, single occupancy tenancies may be sought. In some cases, Fairfield can provide adapted properties to be rented by individuals.

Fairfield ensures that all service users have detailed individualised care and development plans, placing the person at the centre of planning are seen as essential to meeting needs and ensuring that service develops in line with abilities and aspirations. Care plans reflect the principles of the government white paper, valuing people and are in line with the CQC 'Essential Standards'.

Fairfield Care can support people with complex learning disabilities and/ or autism to:

  • Find a property within their established community
  • Adapt and equip the property to meet the needs of the individual tenants
  • We can assist in the personalisation of their home, helping each individual to choose their own furniture, fittings and personal effects.

Fairfield Care provides the ongoing support to maintain the tenancy. The support varies and can include 24 hour support per day, 7 days a week. This may be reduced to minimal support as the individual develops self-confidence and a range of practical and functional living skills.

Each individual is provided with guidance and support on health and personal care issues appropriate to their needs, understanding and wishes.

Being committed to the principles of inclusion, Fairfield Care encourage and facilitate service users to lead as full a life as possible or as they choose in their community.

Fairfield Care enables service users, where ever possible, to realise their own aims and helps them to achieve their goals in all aspects of daily living.

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